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Invented ‚Jewish-Ukrainian Nationalist‘ to Whitewash Its Nazi-era Past

Jared McBride, Haaretz: „Ukraine’s Invented a ‚Jewish-Ukrainian Nationalist‘ to Whitewash Its Nazi-era Past„. „Myth-making efforts by the Ukraine to glorify the WWII role of one ‚archetypal‘ Jew, Leiba Dubrovskii, is part of Kyiv’s war on memory: its eager attempts to erase anti-Semitism, brutality and complicity with the Nazis from its

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German President Gauck remembers 33000 murdered Jews together with ukrainian Nazi

Deutsche Welle: „Babyn Yar: Germany remembers victims. President Joachim Gauck has visited Babyn Yar, a 1941 Nazi massacre site in Ukraine, saying generations later Germany will continue owning up to its past. More than 33,000 Jews were murdered in a ravine outside Kyiv.“. Unfortunately, german President Gauck remembers the murdered