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Cambodia refuses to pay 500 Million Dollars to the USA because 500000 Cambodians have been killed

Cambodia is outraged because the US gouvernment demands the repayment of 500 Million Dollars war depts of the Vietnam War period. Cambodia claims, the US had bombed big areas of Cambodia during that war, killing half a million Cambodians and leaving a dessert in the bombed regions. The former Australian ambassador to Cambodia confirms this. Weiterlesen

ISIS fighters moving from Mosul to Syria

CBC News (Canada), July 30, 2016: “ISIS leaders are fleeing Mosul for Syria, Iraqi defence minister says. U.S.-backed forces aim to retake ISIS-held city as financial woes, internal conflict plagues militant group”.

DailyMail (UK), October 14, 2016: “ISIS fighters ‘will be allowed to flee Mosul and retreat to Syria under agreement made with the US’ claims Russia“.

IraqiNews (Iraq), October 12, 2016: “US-Saudi agreement to allow ISIS retreat from Mosul“.

Moon of Alabama (USA), October 12, 2016: “The “Salafist Principality” – ISIS Paid Off To Leave Mosul, Take Deir Ezzor?“.

Military Times / AP (USA), October 14, 2016: “U.S.-led coalition steps up airstrikes on militant-held Mosul“.

Alarabiya.net / Reuters (Iraq, UK), July 31, 2016: “Many ISIS leaders in Iraq’s Mosul fleeing to Syria“.

Tagesanzeiger (Switzerland), October 9, 2016: “Der IS setzt sich nach Syrien ab […] Zudem beobachten westliche Geheimdienste, dass sich Kader und Kämpfer der Gruppe zunehmend Richtung Syrien absetzen.”.

German President Gauck remembers 33000 murdered Jews together with ukrainian Nazi

Deutsche Welle: “Babyn Yar: Germany remembers victims. President Joachim Gauck has visited Babyn Yar, a 1941 Nazi massacre site in Ukraine, saying generations later Germany will continue owning up to its past. More than 33,000 Jews were murdered in a ravine outside Kyiv.”.

Unfortunately, german President Gauck remembers the murdered Jews side-by-side with the nazi and founder of the “ukrainian NSDAP”, Andriy Parubiy.



Merkel: “I didn’t support the Iraq War”

Yesterday (2016-07-28), Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel said at Bundespressekonferenz that she had never supported the war in Iraq and that she never supports war in general: “Ich ähm … unterstütze nie einen Krieg. Ich habe auch den Irakkrieg nicht unterstützt.”.

That’s a lie.

See this article of Angela Merkel from 2003 in the Washington Post: “Schroeder Doesn’t Speak for All Germans“. See also german Spiegel in 2003 and german FAZ in 2003. Merkel heavily supported George W. Bush’s Iraq War when she was the opposition leader in Germany.


Swedish government: No Russian submarines in our waters

Sverigesradio (Radio Sweden) reported on June 11th 2016 that there were no russian subs at swedish coasts at the submarine incidents in the last years, according to the swedish government. In an interview, swedish Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist said that the swedish military had unknown signals from submarines in 2014 and 2015 but the first one (in 2014) was a swedish sub, the second one (in 2015) german. In April 2015, the swedish military announced that a photo from 2014 which was assumed to show a submarine (from russia according to most western media) is false and shows a normal civilian surface boat. With the new informations from the swedish government there are no more hints at russian vessels – submarines – violating swedish waters, “visiting” swedish capital city Stockholm.


Stop the historical revisionism in Europe – Gegen Geschichtsrevisionismus in Europa

International Federation of Resistance Fighters Association of Anti-fascists: “Stop the historical revisionism in Europe“.

Junge Welt dazu auf deutsch: “Antifaschistische Organisation FIR gegen Geschichtsrevisionismus in Europa“. RedGlobe mit deutscher Übersetzung: “FIR: Stoppt den historischen Revisionismus in Europa“.


USA: How government propaganda works

One Way The White House Manipulates. “A portrait of Obama’s spokesperson and policy guru Ben Rhodes explains how government propaganda works […] experts began popping up at think tanks and on social media, and then became key sources for hundreds of often-clueless reporters. “We created an echo chamber,” he admitted, when I asked him to explain the onslaught of freshly minted experts cheerleading for the deal. “They were saying things that validated what we had given them to say.” […] It works the same way with every issue.”.

Former U.S. Diplomats Decry the U.S.-Backed Saudi War in Yemen

The Intercept about Yemen, USA, Saudi Arabia, Iran, the Gulf States. “Saudi Arabia and the other Arab states that form the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have been brutally bombing Yemen for more than a year, hoping to drive Houthi rebels out of the capital they overran in 2014 and restore Saudi-backed President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi.

The United States has forcefully backed the Saudi-led war. In addition to sharing intelligence, the U.S. has sold tens of billions of dollars in munitions to the Saudis since the war began. The kingdom has used U.S.-produced aircraft, laser-guided bombs, and internationally-banned cluster bombs to target and destroy schools, markets, power plants, and a hospital, resulting in thousands of civilian deaths.


Ever-curiouser MH17 case with US government holding back evidence

Robert Parry in Consortiumnews.com: “The Ever-Curiouser MH-17 Case“. “The curious mystery surrounding the shoot-down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine on July 17, 2014, gets more curious and more curious as the U.S. government and Dutch investigators balk at giving straightforward answers to the simplest of questions even when asked by the families of the victims. Adding to the mystery Dutch investigators have indicated that the Dutch Safety Board did not request radar information from the United States, even though Secretary of State John Kerry indicated just three days after the crash that the U.S. government possessed data that pinpointed the location of the suspected missile launch that allegedly downed the airliner, killing all 298 people onboard. Although Kerry claimed that the U.S. government knew the location almost immediately, Dutch investigators now say they hope to identify the spot sometime “in the second half of the year,” meaning that something as basic as the missile-launch site might remain unknown to the public more than two years after the tragedy. The families of the Dutch victims, including the father of a Dutch-American citizen, have been pressing for an explanation about the slow pace of the investigation and the apparent failure to obtain relevant data from the U.S. and other governments. I spent time with the family members in early February at the Dutch parliament in The Hague as opposition parliamentarians, led by Christian Democrat Pieter Omtzigt, unsuccessfully sought answers from the government about the absence of radar data and other basic facts. […]”.


Polizist vs. Demonstrant gegen Polizeigewalt

“The congressman’s son, Jeremiah Ellison, was taking part in a protest outside of the Fourth Precinct police station in Minneapolis, Minn., on Wednesday night. The Star Tribune snapped the photo, capturing the tense standoff between police and demonstrators protesting the shooting of Jamar Clark.”. USA.

US government: We have all the evidence about MH17, images and radar data

United States Secretary of State John Kerry said that the US government has all the necessary evidence – satellite images, radar data and more – about the shooting down of flight MH17 in eastern ukraine by a Buk surface-to-air missile: “We saw the takeoff. We saw the trajectory. We saw the hit.”. Some of his statements concerning this case are available on the governmental website state.gov: “Interview With David Gregory of NBC’s Meet the Press” and “Remarks With Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel, Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs Julie Bishop, and Australian Minister of Defense David Johnston“. Weiterlesen