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Twitter, I’ve got some questions …

Dear Twitter team,

I’ve got some questions and I’d like to use your answers in a news story.

1.) What is the minimum age for a twitter account? Is there a „world wide minimum age“?

2.) How is it possible that a seven year old girl has a Twitter account?

3.) To whom does the Twitter account of Bana Alabed (@AlabedBana) belong?

4.) From which country has the account @AlabedBana been registered? England?

5.) Who verified the account @AlabedBana?

6.) You’ve got the IP adresses of tweets. From which country or countries do the Bana Alabed tweets come?

Best regards,

Jens Bernert

Blauer Bote Magazin

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  1. Haha, das „rechtliche“ Land heißt ja UK … Naja … Anderseits ist England schon ein Land, allerdings eben nicht alleinig souverän.

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