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Fakes of the White Helmets

The White Helmets are a propaganda force in the Syrian War in the guise of an alleged aid organization. They deliver the right PR against Syria at the „right time,“ and they mainly publish badly faked videos of alleged attacks on the civilian population.

Who does not suspect that the Weißhelm troop, which was founded after two and a half years of war in Syria in Turkey by the British agent / mercenary James Le Mesurier and openly financed by western governments with millions, should at least the Trust in natural laws. An observation of the major media events of the white helmets, oriented on scientific standards, exposes the troupe as a remarkably incompetent propaganda material manufacturer. 

In the following, we look at a number of pieces of evidence against the force that operates exclusively in the territories of the Western-backed Al Qaeda terrorists and partially overlaps with those fighters (1, 2, 3). It comes mainly from the White Helmets themselves and mostly ordered propaganda big events, which occupied the media for days. Also the last big „poison gas event“ in Duma near Damascus will be appreciated extensively. It is to be considered that only a part of the existing possible criticisms is listed.

„Air raid on school in Hass“

A school in Hass (Idlib) is said to have been destroyed in October 2016 during a Russian or Syrian air raid. It is said that 22 children died at school. No one could provide airspace surveillance data as evidence of the presence of Russian or Syrian aircraft at the time in question at the location in question. However, the White Helmets and their allies have supplied material:

Source: Screenshots Youtube

The picture above shows the school building on the left after the alleged air raid. It should not have been destroyed by a bomb through the roof, but the explosive device allegedly landed in the yard and blew up the walls of the building. A bomb crater in the courtyard is not visible. Also, the damage seen in the picture do not speak for this representation. Wall debris is found only in front of the building and this debris was apparently deposited there some time ago or brought out of the interior of the building to the outside.

The picture on the top right shows the interior of the room on the left. There is no rubble from the alleged bomb attack, but there is sand directly behind the wall, which has deposited there over time. The hole is definitely longer. The students‘ tables and benches are completely intact and lined up. Traces of students or their salvage can not be seen. On the other hand you can see undisturbed fine sand on the tables. How do you explain that the explosion, which was supposed to rip a huge hole in the wall, did not wreak havoc on the wall, in the classroom? There was no air raid here, otherwise the room would look different.

The two stones on the tables seem to simulate a bomb damage. It should be clear that bombing the wall with an air bomb does not affect two selected stones and they do not end up on a table by chance, where they decoratively wait to be photographed. And do it all without any damage. They would have to float across the wall very gently. Also, the damage in the intermediate wall in the middle room can not be explained, if everything should have fallen out or caused any damage in the room.

Source: Screenshots Youtube

Furthermore, a video of the alleged air raid by a fighter aircraft was presented, which was shown in whole or in part in all major German media (4). This video of the „rebel transmitter“ RFS has been shown to be pieced together from different sequences. Interestingly, for example, is the point at 0:32 suddenly switched from a cloudy sky to a bright blue sky with a bomb blast (5).

That it is video material of different days is also clear when comparing scenes 1 and 4 in the picture above, which show the same picture detail. Scene 1 shows clouds over this landscape. Scene 4, which even shows a slightly larger image, has disappeared as if by magic.

„Duma poison gas attack“

The fact that the so far last great White Helmet event, the alleged poison gas attack in the Syrian Duma (Ghouta) near Damascus, is a false flag action of the white helmets, was made by the German Syria expert Professor Günter Meyer from the University of Mainz in an interview in the ARD Noon magazine clearly clear (6, 7).

Source: Screenshot Twitter

Photos prove the fake. Two pictures of the alleged poison gas attack circulated on the Internet and supplied by the terrorists – see above – show different variants of the same situation. On display are dead women and children or involuntary victims: Let’s hope they were just stunned. Let’s take a look at the people in the two pictures, which are the same situation. In the right picture you just have a baby added. Other details differ in the two pictures.

Source: Screenshots Youtube

Two more pictures – screenshots from videos on the same situation – also show different variants. Again, the same situation with a different number of performers is contested: In the left video clearly two children are more to see. However, the baby of the one previous picture is not included this time.

The station CBS has tried to spend one of the alleged poison gas attack after the US air strikes hit building in Syria as a chemical weapons factory and thereby involuntarily with the own footage even the lie convicted. In a video contribution from the broadcaster, the journalist stands in front of the destroyed building, allegedly a toxic gas factory and research site by the OPCW despite the allegations of the US government and despite the destruction of the Syrian toxic gas stocks in 2013 by the OPCW (8). CBS also talks about producing biological weapons in the building complex.

Source: Screenshot Twitter

The stupid thing about the claims of this US station is only: How can the CBS journalist and the other people in the picture there directly in front of a destroyed chemical weapons plant stand so completely without protective suits, surgical masks, gas masks and so without any symptoms of poisoning? If it had actually been a research, production and storage facility for poison gas, biological weapons and CO, that would be completely impossible and a large area around it would have to be contaminated.

At the conclusion of his post, the CBS journalist says the attack on the complex of buildings, according to the US government, will throw back years of the Syrian chemical weapons program. He does not lose a word of criticism to this statement and leaves it as valid. In the ARD-Tagesschau – for example, from 16.4.2018 at 15 clock – it was also in spite of this video and similar images of the bombed alleged chemical weapons system (9):

„The EU calls for a fresh start to peace negotiations, with full understanding of Saturday’s missile strike, which also involved EU members France and Britain. , The attack by France, Britain and the United States against Assad’s chemical weapons depot, which was purposeful and appropriate. This procedure was absolutely correct.

The last of the part is a quotation from British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, who uncomplies the news as the official truth passes and fooled the viewers that Syrian chemical weapons depots were hit.

In the filming of the white helmets of the alleged poison gas attack in an emergency department in Duma to see people later said in the headquarters of the OPCW in The Hague in the Netherlands that the whole theater was just a staging and they were splashed with water and had no symptoms of intoxication. The video from the emergency department had previously been played in our news up and down, as alleged evidence of a chemical attack (10).

Source: Screenshot Youtube

These statements of eyewitnesses / victims in The Hague were devalued in the Western media as „Russian propaganda“. On the other hand, a contribution of the US channel CNN from the last terrorist-held areas in northern Syria, into which the radical Islamist Douma fighters and their appendages were brought in the course of the usual exchange of hostages, wants to be taken seriously (11). A CNN reporter interviewed in the video alleged „survivors of the Douma chemical weapons attack.“

The reporter sniffs at a school frock, which belongs to a girl from Douma and which should be soaked with the allegedly used in Douma warfare sarin. The lady deserves a nomination for the Darwin Award, because to want to sniff out an extremely deadly chemical substance that kills the air would of course be completely wrong – if the good piece were indeed full of it.

The woman acts as if this is a piece of evidence full of poison gas / chemical agent and confirms with impressive facial expressions several times that the sack stinks, which should be in their eyes a testament to sarin. A sporty achievement of the journalist, after all, Sarin is an almost odorless, relatively volatile liquid.Through her behavior, the American reporter herself is convicted of lying.

Since some „experts“ after the gradual collapse of the Sarin story suggested that the whole event with the according to Weisshelmen 43 deaths could also have come about by chlorine gas and certainly some like to ignite the smoke candle, the CNN woman may have somehow Chlorine smelled (and, of course, do not know how Chlorine smells, because she was never in the pool and also does not use chlorine cleaner, which is why she says it stinks), here is an excerpt from the Wikipedia article on chlorine regarding propaganda the possible lethal effect (12):

„From a military point of view, that was not very efficient. For example, in the attack of April 22, 1915, despite the use of 150 tons of chlorine gas, according to recent research, only 1,200 French were killed. That is, under optimal conditions, when the enemy is huddled in low-lying trenches, 125 kilograms of chlorine gas are needed to kill a soldier. „

One liter of chlorine gas weighs 3,214 grams, so 125 kilos are almost 40000 liters of chlorine gas. Speaking of gas: According to White Helmets and Co, in Duma, as seen in the two screenshots of her Youtube video below, a poison gas container must be cracked through the ceiling of an apartment, only to buttery soft on a bed to stop and this not destroy (13, 14). It is of course completely unrealistic that this floor first breaks through the concrete floor, but then does not smash the bed, and that also with a rather bizarre trajectory. As the broken window comes to the bed, probably remains a mystery forever.

Source: Screenshots Youtube

The apparently intact valve on the alleged „missile“ (Missile) also does not contribute to the credibility of the statements of the „rebels“ (15). Perhaps one should import such technical marvels in Germany, because in this country one has far bigger problems with gas bottles than in the Al-Qaida areas. Wikipedia says safe handling of gas cylinders and the risk of tearing off the valve (16):

„Since the valve is the weakest point of a gas cylinder, its protection with a valve protection cap is obligatory. If a gas cylinder is damaged by the tearing off of the valve so that its high-pressure content escapes abruptly, it can fly around like a bullet and also penetrate concrete walls.

Rules of conduct for avoidance are:

  • Gas cylinders should also be secured against overturning during storage and transport, for example with chains on the wall or by using special pallets.
  • Use of valve caps always, even if the bottle is only stored or transported
  • Do not throw bottles
  • Only transport bottles with a crane if they are in a pallet
  • Do not open valve by force (tools) „

Source: Screenshot Twitter

„Air raid on refugee camp Kamounia“

On May 5, 2016, an air attack by the Syrian government on a refugee camp in Syria is said to have taken place in two waves. A video of the alleged first wave of attacks on the refugee camp Kamounia / Sarmada does not exist. In the videos and pictures of the white helmets of „after the attack“ then some burnt tents can be seen (17).

One does not see a bomb crater from the hits. It can be expected that at least one such crater will be shown, if one wants to show the full extent of a devastating attack in which 30 people allegedly died and 80 were injured. There should be some of these craters. While in other such events – such as the alleged air raid by Chan Sheikhun (to this later more) – allegedly a small, filled with toxins, dropped from the air pipe is sufficient to tear a small crater in a street scratch the alleged aircraft bombs not even the earth in the camp.

Also the further damage picture of the camp looks strange. In an attack of a fighter aircraft would have expected, for example, on the spent tents out through the blast waves of the explosions overturned tents and the like.

The White Helmets have released a video on the incident, which is supposed to show an alleged second wave of attacks by fighter jets, but in fact does not show that (18, 19). BILD writes:

“ Mamun al-Chatib, head of the Aleppo-based and rebel-affiliated news agency Shahba, blamed the Syrian forces for the attacks. According to eyewitnesses, a Su-24 bomber circled above the camp before the bombs were dropped. After the first attack, the jets attacked a second time, first responders reported on Twitter. This strategy is typical of the Assad regime’s bombers. This is how those who help the victims come to the rescue.„.

Source: Screenshots Youtube

On Twitter, the White Helmets video with the words “ During the civilian rescue operation in the camp Kamounia the aircraft came back and bombarded again. „Linked (20). In the video someone films the blue sky, in which not a single plane can be seen – and at no time at all. Suddenly there is a rocket sound on the soundtrack and just a single small explosion. The man with the camera moves excitedly towards „impact location“, which he does not reach and shows.

For just recently supposedly a first wave of attacks with dozens of victims to be rolled over the camp, the people in the video are at this „second wave of attack by fighter aircraft“ amazingly relaxed. They stroll around or just hang around. Of course it is completely unrealistic that a murderous bombardment is taking place from the air here. Of the surprisingly relaxed „first-responders“ is then contrary to what the BILD suggests, no one hurt.

Again, no state or other actor could present images of flight movements at the time in question at the camp.When Turkey shot down a Russian jet at the Syrian-Turkish border, Turkey and Russia immediately submitted radar images depicting the aircraft movements in the area, underpinning their position.

In the current incident, no one has pictures of such flight movements, and that can not be in the best-supervised area of ​​the world at the moment – except in the absence of such flight movements. Of course, no flight movements means that there was no air strike.

The same applies to all other Propaganda events of the White Helmets: Never be submitted by the West, which invokes the representations of the white helmets, corresponding radar or satellite images. Alone that – the missing aircraft – is already a knockout criterion regarding the credibility of the White Helmets and falsifies their representations.

„Attack on a hospital in Aleppo“

In Aleppo allegedly at the end of April 2016, a hospital located in the areas of the „rebels“ was bombed. The alleged hospital is unknown to Syrian doctors (21). The process is also a teaching example of how to hijack propaganda that is already closely associated with humanitarian NGOs in Western administration. „Doctors Without Borders“ spread the lies of the White Helmets (22) in the German-language communication on the incident:

“ Anyone seeking help in a hospital in Syria faces mortal danger. Eleven hospitals supported by MSF have already been bombed this year. Many people have lost their lives. Most recently, Al-Kuds Hospital and neighboring buildings were destroyed in an air raid in Aleppo, killing at least 50 people, including six hospital employees. The survivors report that two barrel bombs hit the adjacent buildings first. Then a third bomb blew up, this time at the emergency room entrance, where doctors and caregivers took care of the wounded. „.

This report of the „surviving“ white helmets includes the usual barrel bombing propaganda and is otherwise not consistent. Even if barrel bombs were used in Syria, you would not bomb a whole hospital or buildings with this weapon. Pictures of the alleged hospital from the morning after the attack, which were also to be seen en masse in German media, show that this has just not been destroyed and sandbags are completely intact on the building. The previously damaged building does not look as if it had been completely destroyed during the night. Videos from the alleged bombing night confirm the impression: The sandbags are neatly stacked at the entrance and on the outer walls of the building (23). No murderous super bombs can have destroyed a large building here, even if the white helmets play so nicely with the debris placed in front of the building.

Source: Screenshots Youtube

Referring to Russian aerial photographs, Professor Tim Anderson of Australia points out that the alleged Al-Quds Hospital had the same damage as early as 15 October 2015, as on 29 April 2016, following the alleged attack that completely destroyed it (24).

Source: Screenshot Twitter

Doctors Without Borders (MSF) supports the white helmets and alleged hospitals, for example with materials.MSF is not active with doctors on site. „Doctors Without Borders“ reflects what the „local rescuers“ of the White Helmets have reported. The media in turn shouted loudly „Doctors Without Borders“ and conveyed the impression that a hospital had been bombed by „Doctors Without Borders“ here. This is probably not even a hospital building.

A video is supposed to show the attack on the emergency room from the inside (25). How had it been called „Doctors Without Borders“ and the mass media?

“ The survivors report that two barrel bombs hit the adjacent buildings first. Then a third bomb exploded, this time at the emergency room entrance, where doctors and caregivers took care of the wounded. „

Source: Screenshots Youtube, New York Times

Relaxed doctors and patients can be seen on the emergency room video a few seconds before the hit, although according to the official story, it is assumed that hell is going on there when the doctors and caregivers take care of the wounded after two bomb attacks. Instead, one of the doctors is just closing in on seconds before the „third goal“. And after the explosion again relatively unexcited people (who apparently do not know what to do now), while „outside“ a bizarre scene takes place:

A man stands on a pedestal in front of the front door of the alleged hospital, which, as we have seen above (and from another angle, from the front), yes is perfectly accessible. He yells at the white helmets in front of him: „Get my son out! My son is here! „. The white helmets are meanwhile wielding sandbags on the floor and apparently have no intention of simply entering the building. And behind the man there is still light in the entrance area. The New York Times has published the White Helmets video to which the scene belongs and has titled „Divided Aleppo Plunge’s Back Into War as Syrian Hospital Is Hit“ (26). That’s exactly what the plan was.

This case is a prime example of the „humanitarian hospital propaganda“ that was used in the Syria war, especially in 2015-2016 (27). In connection with the alleged attack mentioned above, the organization „Doctors Without Borders“ brought the Twitter hashtag „#notatarget“ into play. And this was extensively used in the following months for hospital propaganda. For weeks, according to White Helmets and media propaganda daily a new „last Children’s Hospital of Aleppo“ bombed and pressed on the lacrimal gland.

A particularly sad example of white-collar and Western government propaganda collaboration is the tweet of the French UN embassy of September 28, 2016, which presents an allegedly current photo showing the destruction of hospitals in Aleppo, Syria, by the Russian or Syrian Air Force , Just stupid that the same picture emerges more than two years ago (on 3.8.2014), for example, in an article by n-tv, which shows attacks and destruction by Israel in Gaza.

Source: Screenshots n-tv, Twitter

The n-tv article from August 2014 with the original image is titled „Broad majority for the war. „The atmosphere in Israel is charged up“ and shows destroyed houses in the Palestinian territories, including not even in Syria (28). France posted in his fake attempt on Twitter: „2 hospitals were bombed earlier today in #Aleppo # UNSC holds a meeting on healthcare in this year’s armed conflict. Our call: # NotATarget“ (29).Illustrated is the message of the alleged attack with the false image and a plenary hall of the UN.

In fact, the inhabitants of Ostaleppo – they reported after their liberation – did not receive regular medical help, let alone the white helmets. The Swedish conflict researcher Professor Jan Oberg was on the scene after the reconquest of Ostaleppo by Syria. In an interview with the magazine Telepolis, he was asked if he could talk to the White Helmets (30). Oberg’s response: „No, I have not seen anyone in Aleppo from this $ 100 million alleged relief organization. I met a few residents who had heard of them, but no one who had seen them or had received help from them during the occupation years. „

„Toxic gas attack in Sarmin“

The Swedish Medical Association SWEDHR analyzed Weißhelm videos, which are to show rescue efforts after an alleged poison gas attack by Syrian government troops. The medical team noted that the videos were counterfeits that even included Arabic-language directorial statements and that the alleged „rescue efforts“ had ended fatally.

In a first analysis, the doctors still assumed that the children shown were already dead in the video shoot.Later, a more extensive study involving other physicians (31) found that a small boy was most likely unconscious by an overdose of opiates and was definitely killed by punctures to the chest or heart as part of a demonstrably feigned adrenaline injection. In the videos, this is understandable even for medical laymen with strong nerves: The boy is repeatedly stabbed a long syringe needle into the chest, the syringe with the alleged adrenaline is never pressed (32).

Furthermore, the analysis of the doctors revealed the following: The shown did not correspond in any way medically correct measures, because the alleged life-saving measures are wrong and bizarre and perilous to lethal. The aforementioned boy had most likely been made nearly unconscious by an overdose of drugs – opiates – or was dying. All children’s sacrifices showed no signs of chlorine gas poisoning. The sting with the long needle killed the boy – if he had not previously died from the effects of the anesthetic. Therefore, a murder of this boy for the video is medically and logically with almost certainly nacheisbar. The medical association translated the spoken word into the videos. It turned out that Arabic-language director’s instructions were included to position the victims. The videos were screened in front of closed doors in the UN Security Council, without translation or subtitling. They were uploaded via the White Helmets channel „Syrian Civil Defense in Idlib Province“. The two videos were produced by the White Helmets together with the organization „Coordinating Sarmin“, whose logo contains a black jihadist flag (Al Qaeda). White helmets can also be seen in the video.

The Chair of the Medical Association, Professor Marcello Ferrada de Noli, published in March 2017 a first article with an analysis on the case: „Swedish Doctors for Human Rights: White Helmets Video, Macabre Manipulation of Dead Children and Staged Chemical Weapons Attack to Justify a „no-fly zone“ in Syria „(33, 34). Thereupon other doctors came forward and there were more macabre discoveries in the videos, which were not noticeable at the first inspection: „White Helmets Movie: Updated Evidence From Swedish Doctors Confirm Fake ‚Lifesaving‘ and Malpractices on Children“ (35) ,

This affair has yet another bitter aftertaste (36): The Western media ignored this scandal of the West-funded white helmets. Only the ARD went after the thing. However, not to report, but because the chairman of the Swedish Medical Association had given the channel Russia Today an interview and the ARD fact finding team was of the opinion that the statements reproduced could not vote and RT have spread fake news by the statements were falsified.

However, the SWEDHR chairman, Professor Ferrada de Noli, confirmed that his statements were correctly reproduced by RT (37). The ARD knew with absolute certainty of the serious crime of white helmets, but lost in the following a word about it and thus hushed up the brutal crimes of their allies. Four weeks later, the White Helmets were the heroes of the Western media in the fake poison gas attack of Chan Sheikhun, who is known to have followed Trump’s military strike against Syria and whom we will discuss later.

„Child saved from rubbish heap“

In a video released on Youtube on June 17, 2016, the white helmets are reported to be racing, looking around the area in a rubble-strewn street until one suddenly performs a heroic style. „Look, next to my feet there is a child „(38). That was not there the whole time, but a video cut later it is in the picture – it has obviously deposited in the meantime in the dirt – and then can be „saved“ instantly – by „helpers“ who have apparently regrouped in a flash and now completely differently around the „place of discovery“. The „rescue measures“ in no way correspond to a medical standard.

Source: Screenshots Youtube

Another White Helmet video shows a similar „rescue“ in which the deposited children come out of the rubble, even with fairly clean clothes and a clean face (39).

Source: Screenshots Youtube

Children are preferably abused by the White Helmets as extras for propaganda videos. This is to press on the lacrimal gland in favor of the „rebels“. Again and again they publish footage of young men carrying small children around the area and supposedly save. The „digging in the rubble helper“ often have even white blouses T-shirts. These men carry foreign children around, not their own. In an area occupied by al-Qaida fighters who are close to the White Helmets. Just as these jihadists hold the entire civilian population hostage and human shields, in their films the children of their hostages are exploited as extras and potentially injured (40).

„The boy in the orange seat“

This case of child abuse for propaganda videos is the norm in the world of White Helmets and their allies. For example, the „boy in the orange seat“, who was allegedly „liberated from the rubble“ and then put on the seat for filming and photography (41), also had a similar situation. Later, the boy’s father testified that he, as well as his siblings, who are also featured in the video, had been abused for staging (42, 43). Again, no surveillance data showing an air strike has been submitted.

Even in the video released by the Rescuers, it can be seen how the boy, Omran, has to sit there for a long time without any medical or other support. So no rescue workers act. The fact that the boy and a man in the film had some red in the face, but did not bleed in streams, may have surprised not only some paramedics.

It becomes clear that the boy is here, above all, as a sweet, poor, innocent fashion model, which is to promote the Al-Qaida coalition of Aleppo. As a US Department of Defense spokesman said in April 2016, “ That said, it’s primarily al-Nusra who holds Aleppo “ (44). Al Nusra is the name of the Syrian branch of Al Qaeda. The al-Qaida terrorists also held according to the US military East Aleppo at this time.

The photographer, who became acquainted with the iconic image of the boy in the seat of the rescue vehicle, is part of (or at least closely allied with) the al-Zenki terrorist group, which recently cut a child’s head alive, filmed it, and then inserted the video Internet (45, 46). Even the mass media reported on the cruel murder by their allies after a few days (47, 48).

The al-Zenkis, as so-called „moderate rebels“ of the Al Qaeda-led coalition of Aleppo, were the preferred recipient of arms by the US government. After the boy’s brain, the US government downplayed the act in a press conference with the words “ one incident here and there would not make you a terrorist group “ and did not want to stop working with the terrorist group (49, 50).

Source: Screenshot Twitter

„Sarin attack by Chan Sheikhun“ 

The Chan-Sheikhun incident was known to spark US President Trump’s missile strike on Syria (51). As always, there are no air monitoring data showing Russian or Syrian aircraft at the crime scene in question at the time of the crime in question. However, this created confusion that initially a use of Russian aircraft several miles away and at another time with the Chan-Sheikh attack was associated.

Physics professor Theodore Postol – also a former UN weapons inspector – has analyzed the alleged sarin attack and has considerable doubts about the information of the white helmets (52). For example, referring to a photo of a man standing on the alleged impact crater about four hours after the alleged sarin attack, he says:

Source: Screenshot Twitter

„If the spread came from this crater, then the area where this vulnerable person stands is toxic, and that person would suffer severe and potentially fatal effects of sarin poisoning. This substantially raises the possibility that this crater identified in the WHR is the starting point for a suspected sarin release. (…)

Unprotected civilians wearing apparel bearing Idlib Health Directorate logos fumble with the contents of the crater, which the WHR claims is the source of sarin release. All indicators indicate a destroyed shell that could not have contained more than 8-10l sarin. It is the only container that can be seen in the videos of the scene.(…)

Source: Screenshot Twitter

What is absolutely clear from the videos is that the location of the sarin spread, which is the source of the WHR, and the place where the massive casualties would have occurred should the sarin release actually take place, in no way with the Scenes of the victims shown in the other videos. The conclusion is obvious, the alleged attack, as described in the White House Report , has never happened. „

Regarding the pipe „found“ in the crater, which allegedly contained the deadly sarin chemical warfare agent and was supposed to be thrown off a fighter jet, says Professor Postol (53):

„Figure 4 shows the possible construction of an improvised sarin spreader that could have produced the crater and crushed hull of what was originally a cylindrical tube. A realistic assumption of how this distribution mechanism worked (again, of course, assuming the White House report that neither craters nor containers were staged) looks like a load of explosives is placed on one end of the sarcast-filled tube and detonated was brought.

The explosive would have worked like a dumb sledgehammer on the pipe. He would have pushed the pipe into the ground, creating the crater. Since the tube was filled with sarin, a non-compressible gas, the sarin would have pressed against the walls and ends of the tube as the tube flattened, causing the tear along the length of the tube and rupture of the lid at the posterior end. This mechanism is basically the same as striking a toothpaste tube with a hammer, causing the tube to burst and spurt the toothpaste in all directions, depending on the nature of the tube’s cracks.

If this is the actual mechanism by which the sarin was released, it suggests that the tube was placed by people on the ground rather than thrown off an aircraft. „

Source: Screenshot Twitter

During the allegedly chaotic emergency situation in the hospital due to the „sarin attack“ tweeted a doctor and offered interviews. By the way, the doctor is British and has been accused in the UK of abducting two journalists in Syria (John Cantlie and Jeroen Oerlemans) and moving to Al Qaeda in Syria. (54, 55). The alleged medical measures shown in the Weißhelm videos are as always hair-raising and have nothing at all to do with the treatment of sarin victims. Again, with the massive use of children mood is made. At least some of the children could have been just as stunned as in the aforementioned Sarmin incident.

And if you want to make propaganda with a false flag chemical weapons attack, you should at least make sure that the alleged poison gas victims are not delivered before the alleged attack date in surrounding clinics. N Not even the OPCW’s official investigative report for the UN, which was heavily influenced by the West and faked with samples, was about to mention this on page 29 (56).

Let’s summarize a few outstanding points: In 57 cases, patients were allegedly victims of an alleged poison gas attack by Syrian aircraft in hospitals before the date of this alleged incident . This happened according to OPCW in five hospitals. In addition, in ten cases victims or bodies were admitted at 7 o’clock in a hospital 125 kilometers away, in 42 cases in a hospital 30 kilometers away. In view of an alleged attack shortly before seven o’clock a sporting achievement …

Air raid on relief convoy of UN and Syrian Red Crescent

September 2016: The United States and Russia have agreed that bombing the West with Al Qaeda’s blessing and a rest for the other, supposedly „moderate“ rebels. The latter, however, refused to separate themselves from their Al-Qaeda colleagues, as the US government noted „with regret“ (57). After the alleged „attack on the aid convoy“ allegedly by the Syrian government or Russia, the poor „rebels“ were again the victims and heroes in their entirety.

Source: Screenshot New York Times

Maintained by the Red Cross’s Arab variant of the Red Cross, the aid convoy was launched from within the territory of the Syrian government and was intended to bring supplies of civilian population to the areas held by the „rebels“. In order to prevent the arrival of the convoy, the Syrians should not have sent him off … The fact that the convoy came from the government area was hardly mentioned in the Western media (58). By the way, the Red Crescent riders were replaced on the front line against „Red Crescent Riders“ from the rebel area, (alleged) dead of the attack were never shown.

Source: Screenshot Twitter

A well-publicized White Helmet, „reporting“ the alleged attack, is a militant fighter and does not guarantee impartiality (59, 60). More inconsistencies complete the crooked image. The fact that no one was able to provide data on flight movements at the time and place in question corresponds to the usual framework conditions of the White Helmets stories. Also, the damage pictures do not point to a bombardment by (Syrian or Russian) fighter aircraft or barrel bombs throwing helicopters, because bomb craters are once again none. A drone bombing could have happened.

Of course you can not see „level 8 earthquake damage“ from barrel bombs, especially in the pictures. White Helmet Director Raed Saleh spoke in 2015 at the awarding of the „The Right Livelihood Award“ – also referred to by the media as the „Alternative Nobel Prize“ – to the white helmets of an earthquake thickness of 8 on the Richter scale by barrel bombs with 50 daily dropped Barrel bombs (61, 62)! In addition he remarked that the last fatal earthquake in Italy had only the strength 6.2:

„The localized effect of a barrel bomb is on the Richter scale. The horrific earthquake last month in Italy measured 6.2 on the Richter scale. So imagine that, 50 times a day. „

Needless to say, such statements, made, for example, by Le Mesurier, have nothing to do with reality and scientific knowledge. Maybe the trained physicist Angela Merkel has an explanation for that …

Incidentally, there was a „bomb crater“ in the „attack on the relief transport“, a ridiculously fake (63). This fake was inadvertently confirmed indirectly by the British propaganda force Bellingcat, which was founded for the Syrian war. A smaller part – essentially the tail unit – of a previously exploded Russian type OFAB 250-270 bomb was placed in a hole in a few boxes. That should be proof of an air strike by Russia or Syria. The propaganda show wrote:

„Even though it’s hard to judge from the few pictures, the bombed-out steel of the bombshell indicates that this bomb actually exploded somewhere. At some point, somewhere, but certainly not at the site!

Source: Twitter, propaganda show

According to the Bellingcat „experts“, the bomb came through the hole in the ceiling and landed on a pile of cardboard boxes with supplies

There are basically four conceivable scenarios in this case:

  1. The bomb exploded on impact on the roof
  2. The bomb has hit through the ceiling and exploded
  3. The bomb is hit through the ceiling and not exposed
  4. The bomb scraps were dropped off at the site to find them there. „

Points 1 and 2 are canceled, because then you would not see any bombers here or in view of the bomb contents of 92kg military explosives no boxes. Even if the bomb had been a dud (point 3), it would have been found, not just the ripped rump, and that would have given it an even better „proof.“ Only point 4 remains – the British propaganda bill Bellingcat has thus convicted himself. The propaganda show in addition:

„The bomb left was brought in by the perpetrators and dropped in place. This not only speaks for a systematic planning and staging of the entire incident, but is a strong testament to the perpetrators of the West-funded terrorists. „


Sadly, one has to be almost glad that the white helmets are working so badly and thus providing hard and irrefutable evidence of their criminal activity (64). Although a war in and of itself should provide enough disturbing footage suitable for public relations against the enemy, the White Helmets in all their propaganda events offered poorly staged false images where the right time was the essential criterion of production.

There is even more material that reveals the white helmets and that many (minor) events are missing, of course, in no way means that the white helmets would have worked with them according to their media image.And even without a flaw in the propaganda presentation, of course, because of their background and unbelievable one-sidedness, they clearly have a propaganda character (65). However, the numerous counterfeits show this propaganda character even more clearly.

Anyone who believes in the purity of the White Helmets financed by, among other things, the Federal Government, will have to explain every single one of these „fake news“ in a sensible way. But how does he want to do that?


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About this article

This article is a translation of my original german article „Fälschungen der Weißhelme„. It was translated with a free translation tool. So there might be some little translation mistakes.

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