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Angela Merkel’s Nazi Scandal

In Germany, there has long been a massive NSU Nazi scandal of the incumbent Prime Minister Bouffier from Angela Merkel’s party CDU in the state of Hesse. An employee of the Hessian constitution protection was present with the murder of a foreign Internet café owner – even after own representation of the Verfassungsschützer – and was then protected by state government and authorities. The party „The Greens“, which forms a coalition with the CDU in Hesse, also protects the protection of the Constitution and Nazis. 

As you know, Prime Minister Volker Bouffier closed the investigation files of the authorities for 120 years, gave the man a secure other job with the Hessian authorities and prevented the prosecution of his employee. The CDU NSU Nazi scandal, which also affects several other federal states and CDU politicians and is characterized by intensive cover-up measures, the media companies in Germany apparently not particularly interested .

Bundestag.de: “ NSU Committee puzzles over DNA traces „: „The evidence hearing in the 3rd Committee of Inquiry on the so-called“ National Socialist Underground „(NSU II) under the leadership of Clemens Binninger (CDU / CSU) has shaped the mystery of DNA-traces , 15 bank robberies, two explosive bombings and ten murders between 2000 and 2006 are attributed to the terrorist group. However, DNA traces of Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt were not secured at any of the 27 crime scenes – those two men who killed themselves in Eisenach after a bank robbery in their campervan. „

Junge Welt: “ The case Temme „: „The Higher Regional Court (OLG) Munich holds according to the decision of 12 July 2016 for credible that the witness Andreas Temme, who was then sitting in the next room, have heard no shots – a man who spends his free time in the shooting club. It is understandable that the Hessian constitutional protector Temme, who left the café shortly after the assassination attempt, according to his information in search of the young owner, had passed the dying man three times, without him behind a table.It is credible that the approximately 1.90 meter tall V-man leader saw neither the blood splatter on the 73-inch high table, on which he put a coin for computer use, nor the underlying Halit Yozgat.

Nachdenkseiten: “ The V-man leader Andreas Temme and the political / legal enlightenment in the form of a funeral enterprise „: “ As a young man carries the protagonist because of his neo-Nazi mindset, the nickname, Klein Adolf ‚. Then he becomes a secret service employee at the Hessian constitution protection. He leads neo-Nazis as V-people. He and his V-led neo-Nazis are designed to prevent crimes before they are committed. His superiors call him an excellent employee. This man has a ’seventh sense‘. As NSU members in Kassel in 2006, the Internet owner Halit Yozgat with two shots executed in the head, he sits in the middle. Shortly after the murder, he leaves his Internet place and puts a coin on the table, which is covered with blood spatters. The owner is dead behind the desk. A little later he will not remember anything: He either did not want to know the internet cafe, nor heard shots, let alone saw the badly injured Halit Yozgat behind his desk. In the numerous interrogations, first as a suspect, then as a witness more false statements remain, as credible submissions. His superiors adhere to him, meet him at a rest area, encourage him and remind him incessantly of the ‚Kasseler problem‘, in which he also lingers a bit. The case against him is discontinued. Today he has a quiet job in the pension department of the Hessian Ministry of the Interior. „

Frankfurter Neue Presse: “ NSU murder series. Constitutional Protector Temme: Nothing seen, heard nothing.„:“ Ex-constitutional protector Andreas Temme was in the Kassel Internetcafe, as its owner of the NSU murder series fell victim. But the man does not want to have seen or heard of it. He assures this in his second hearing in Wiesbaden. (…) On the contrary, he learned of the murder on Thursday only on Sunday by reading a local advertisement. However, according to testimony, Temme knew a day later with which weapon the crime was committed. And that was not in the ad, as the SPD MP Nancy Faeser reproached him. „

Taz: “ NSU report remains secret for 120 years „: „The now detained report is to contain 30 documents about connections of the National Socialist Underground (NSU) to the Hessian neo-Nazi scene between 1992 and 2012. It could provide important answers to the questions of how the NSU chose crime scenes and how to draw on the support of the local neo-Nazi scene. Answers that are particularly interesting in Hesse, where constitutional protector Andreas Temme, V-man leader of the NSU contact Benjamin G., at the time of the crime in exactly that Internet café in Kassel was where Halit Yozgat was murdered in 2006. The result is already in the Hessian Committee of Inquiry that the local State Office in 1999 had references to „National Socialist underground fighters of Germany.“

Telepolis: “ Constitutional Protection wants to lock NSU report for 120 years „: „120 years – for this period, the State Office for Constitutional Protection (LfV) of Hesse has blocked an internal report, which also deals with the NSU murder of Kassel and the possible Involvement of his colleague Andreas Temme is likely. On the one hand, this fuels the suspicion: what should be kept secret for so long must be explosive. On the other hand, this absurd blocking period can be understood as a message to the public and those who want to continue enlightening: ‚You will learn nothing from us anymore. Give up! ‚ It is a blatant breach of a security authority with the principle of legality in the constitutional state of the Federal Republic of Germany, expressing the desperate defense against the ongoing reconnaissance efforts in the murder complex NSU. „

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