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Cooperation BBC and ISIS

Glued-on skin and full hair: In 2013, the British BBC faked a firebomb attack on a schoolyard in Aleppo, including the treatment of alleged victims in a hospital . Not only does the BBC Panorama feature „Saving Syria’s Children“ reveal the alleged napalm attack as a fake by mistake, but the video also shows that the BBC is supported in filming two terrorist groups: Ahrar al-Sham and IS (also ISIS, Daesh, „Islamic State“, ISIG, ISIL). 

The BBC reporter team identifies the fighters and the civilian actors they work with as „moderate rebels“ according to the propaganda. These are supported in the film, among other things, by the British, especially for the Syrian war-based pseudohumanitarian organization „Hand in Hand for Syria“ and two „British doctors“, but say to all excess medically nonsensical things.

The reporters of the BBC were traveling for this story with a car of the terrorist group Ahrar Al-Sham , which is banned in Germany. This can be seen by the logo of the group on the car. The 3rd Criminal Senate of the Stuttgart Higher Regional Court sentenced four defendants in 2016 to „imprisonment for supporting the alien terrorist group ‚Ahrar al-Sham'“. They had brought equipment to Syria for this group, especially military boots and parkas.

From 10:50 minutes on, the BBC terrorist convoy passes jihadist flags, which are probably a kind of turf mark.It may be the flag of the „Islamic State“ – IS – act . Also in the action in the clinic this flag can be seen. One thought at the BBC probably, one would have cut out all appropriate places from the BBC Panorama video. But from 32:40 minutes and from 36:30 minutes, an ambulance can be seen, the flag has large format behind the back of his window hanging.

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„Zusammenarbeit BBC und ‚Islamischer Staat‘ (IS)“

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