The Corona-Healed Corona Dead

German government’s Robert Koch Institute counts cured Corona patients as Corona deaths. In the official registration of the number of Corona deaths by the RKI (Robert Koch Institut), people who were healed from Corona and then died „quite normally“ some time later are also counted as Corona victims. This was

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Corona strategy paper of the Federal Government with psycho terror against the population: „Suffocation is a primal fear for every human being“

On April 4, 2020, the article „Internal paper from the Ministry of the Interior recommended to make the German Corona anxious“ appeared in Focus Magazine. It is about a recommendation of the Federal Ministry of the Interior from March. This was leaked. The internet portal „Frag den Staat“ has published

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Snipers in Paris and Berlin

Paris, France, 1. December 2018 – Protests of the Yellow Vests against the Macron regime: Des snipers sur les #ChampsElysees #GiletsJaunes #1erDecembre #ArcDeTriomphe #Macron #MacronDemission #YellowVests pic.twitter.com/ng1vR6wJ9U — LarryGiletJaune 🍀 (@LarryLeChanceux) 1. Dezember 2018 Berlin, Germany, 3. October 2018 – Celebrations at the „Day of the German Unification“: Translation: „Whether

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The Maidan Massacre in Ukraine: Revelations from Trials and Investigations

My #multimedia iposter presentation, entitled 'The #Maidan Massacre in #Ukraine: Revelations from Trials and Investigations,' at Annual Meeting of the American Political Studies Association in Boston is available at the APSA website #APSA2018 @APSAtweets https://t.co/n1DhX6ZKh6 pic.twitter.com/vpYPlXMbM3 — Ivan Katchanovski (@I_Katchanovski) 31. August 2018