German Green party claims to have stopped Nord Stream 2 in Washington

At the federal party conference of the German Green Party, in mid-October 2022, the MEP Viola von Cramon gave a speech in which she states that the German Greens had put an end to Nord Stream 2 in the US capital Washington. The speech is recorded on video and available on Youtube in the channel of the TV station phoenix (Part of the public broadcasting service in Germany).

The green Minister for Economic Affairs, Robert Habeck, had been in charge of the German Greens‘ delegation when Nord Stream 2 was terminated. The next day, the Polish colleagues would have celebrated the German Greens for this.

Here is an excerpt of the wording of the speech at the federal party conference of the Greens:

„We were in Washington together with the Committee Against Disinformation, and then when Robert finally put an end to the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, I had a high-five from my Polish colleagues the next morning when I walked into the elevator. That has to be said, that Polish colleagues, including PiS, are celebrating us, celebrating us Greens in Germany, telling us: thank you very much, you finally got it. You are making possible what was not made possible 16 years before, for that, too, many thanks to this Federal Government, to Robert and Annalena.“

The relevant passage of the speech of the Green MEP from the „Committee against Disinformation“ can be watched and listened to in the video „Tag 3: Grünen-Parteitag zum Klimaschutz (1)“ of the ARD-ZDF channel phoenix (in German):

The statements in the party video once again explain why the German government is not responding to Russia’s offer to supply natural gas via the Nord Stream pipelines‘ strand 2 B, which is again operational or soon will be operational again.

(Original article in German here, including some related links in German)

A note for non-German readers: the German Greens are the most fanatical NATO supporters among the German parties. They are not comparable with the US Greens, for example.

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