Fake News about 9/11

September 11, 2021 is the 20th anniversary of the „9/11“ terrorist attacks in the USA. Years ago, the U.S. Navy published a false report or a false image of the alleged approach of the aircraft to the Pentagon in Arlington, which, however, is clearly refuted by official images of the impact site.

Since in the area of the alleged disaster site the frontal approach to the Pentagon building is not possible at all for an airplane in the low flight – since it is obstructed – one had to come up with something regarding the alleged approach route of the airplane and published the picture to be seen here below, which shows the official approach route of the Boeing 757: Diagonally into the building, just barely past the generator, which stands beside the construction containers.

Image: official approach of Boeing aircraft to Pentagon on 9/11. US Navy.

Of course, the US Navy graphic does not stand up to a comparison with reality, as the comparison of the approach angles or impact angles between this „show graphic“ and the real conditions on site shows (no oblique impact):

Image (click for large view): Official Boeing 757 impact site at Arlington at the Pentagon on 9/11. Photo top right: Immediately after impact, US Navy. Photo left: Just before collapse with official „square“ impact site in lower center of photo, US Marine Corps, Wikimedia. Photo bottom right: After collapse, US Air Force, Wikipedia.

Just one look at the supposed Pentagon impact site in Arlington shows that here no passenger plane of about 50 meters length with a wingspan of 38 meters and a weight of more than 100000 kilograms plus tens of thousands of liters of fuel – the flight was supposed to go to Los Angeles – hit a small hole in the wall without damaging the surrounding windows. In the US Navy History photo above right, which shows the situation immediately after the impact, the behavior of the bystanders actually looks more like an exercise complete with evacuation than a catastrophic emergency. According to the official data, 125 people have just died here on the ground alone, with no occupants of the aircraft – or are still dying at this point. The photo on the left shows the situation later, shortly before the building collapsed, including the official „square“ impact site with „strut in the middle“. The photo below right shows this site later during the salvage operations, after the collapse of this part of the building.

There is also a series of pictures of the Pentagon impact site taken by a state trooper on site. If you look at the pictures, you quickly get the impression that the fake route proposed by the Navy also contains obstacles and is therefore doubly „not up to scratch“.

A nice picture with another alleged impact hole in the U.S. Department of Defense building „Pentagon“ in Arlington, which, however, like the „large“ impact site just shown, contradicts the highly official „slanted bird“ of the U.S. Navy, offers us the U.S. Department of Defense:

Image: Another hole in the wall, allegedly caused by an aircraft landing gear. Wikimedia, US Department of Defense.

The hole in this photo is said to have been caused by the impact of a landing gear – wheels and attached equipment – of the aircraft. In other words, according to the official theory, the landing gear detached out of the blue at exactly the right angle a fraction of a second before the plane approaching the Pentagon at an angle hit the wall and then crashed straight into it.

Although the landing gear had the same speed and direction of movement as the rest of the airplane, it actually managed to set itself on its own trajectory of its own accord – magically, so to speak – and in a kind of divine act of will hit the wall at exactly the right angle of 90 degrees to the Pentagon’s outer wall. And, of course, with a nice symmetry: the hole is exactly in the middle between two walls that probably delimit a room.

It’s fantastic that a lonely little landing gear can accomplish such a feat, the effects of which look to the observer at first glance as if someone had previously placed a bomb or a homing device for a missile in the center of a table in the room behind the wall. I wonder who broke the window panes?

Finally, here is a US Army photo of the impact site, which also looks pretty straight in the picture in contrast to the official „slanted“ fake:

[Translated with a little help from deepl. German original version here.]

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