Political persecution: Kretschmann has Michael Ballweg arrested

News from the New Normal in Germany: Querdenken frontman Michael Ballweg was arrested in Baden-Württemberg (Minister President Winfried Kretschmann, Greens) on June 29, 2022. Ballweg was one of the organizers of the two large demonstrations in August 2020 in Berlin against the Corona measures with over 1 million participants.

The Association of Critical Police Officers has published a press release (German) on the events at the demonstrations of 29.8.2020 in Berlin. Worth reading. The cops were out with four people as observers. Excerpt:

„Yesterday, according to our confirmed estimate, hundreds of thousands were on the streets of downtown Berlin with different demonstration goals and in at least seven different demonstrations. Their goal: change requests to politics and administration regarding the Corona crisis management. (…) What was most striking, however, was how – once again – for political reasons the number of participants of the demonstrators, completely wrongly labeled as Corona opponents, was set far – very very far – too low. Otherwise, it is common practice – on New Year’s Eve and other events – to assume the estimated number of participants of events in Berlin, when the Brandenburg Gate with the six-lane road from the ‚Straße des 17. Juni‘ to the Victory Column is filled with people, of about one million participants. Why was and is this different here? The Straße des 17. Juni also has a central reservation, as well as two continuous marginal strips for parking for motor vehicles. In addition, areas of the park ‚Tiergarten‘ as well as other areas like Friedrichstraße, Unter den Linden etc. were lined with a lot of people who belonged to one of the other larger demonstrations or were on their way to the main rally of ‚Querdenken‘. Why are false numbers so clearly as easily recognizable put into the world by the Berlin authorities?“

The quasi-governmental broadcasting station SWR on the arrest of Ballweg on 29.6.2022:

„According to a press release from the Stuttgart police and public prosecutor’s office, two apartments and business premises were searched on Wednesday as part of an investigation into two suspects. In addition, a 47-year-old suspect was arrested. According to information from SWR, this is the 47-year-old founder of the ‚Querdenken‘ initiative, Michael Ballweg.“

In contrast to other cases, the Stuttgart public prosecutor’s office seems to have an urgent need to communicate in this case.

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