Germany: 554 million vaccine doses ordered – approx. 7 per inhabitant

The Federal Republic of Germany has 83 million inhabitants and has ordered 554 million vaccine doses.

In the parliamentary news of the German Bundestag of 19 January 2022, it can be read in a short message that Germany – i.e. the Federal Government and subordinate organs – has ordered more than half a billion vaccine doses in 2021. This information has not been disseminated offensively by the Federal Government, but is the result of a so-called Small Request (Kleine Anfrage) to the Government. The Bundestag’s message on this:

„Around 554 million vaccine doses ordered

In 2021, Germany has ordered about 554 million vaccine doses in different tranches from the EU contracts for the procurement of Corona vaccine. This is stated in the answer (20/429) of the Federal Government to a small question (20/319) of the AfD parliamentary group.

In the case of Biontech/Pfizer, the order quantity as of 16 December 2021 was around 287.3 million vaccine doses. According to the information, about 120.3 million doses were ordered from Moderna, about 56.3 million doses from AstraZeneca and about 55 million doses from Johnson&Johnson.

In addition, there were smaller order quantities from Sanofi/GSK, Valneva and Novavax. The federal government also bought three million Biontech vaccine doses from Poland in early December 2021, which were delivered in the same month.“

Even if all 83 million inhabitants participated in these „vaccinations“, that would be almost seven doses per inhabitant.

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