German public television reports 88 tanks for Ukraine – 88 is the Nazi code for „Heil Hitler“.

Under German leadership: Bayerischer Rundfunk (ARD) reported on January 25, 2023, that 88 Leopard 2 battle tanks are to be made available to the Ukrainian government in Kiev. Not only real anti-fascists listen up at this number: For the 88 is a well-known Nazi code for „Heil Hitler“ and this is, in a sense, „common knowledge.“ Who does not believe it, may look it up.

The two eights in the code stand for the eighth letter of the alphabet, the „H“. 88 is therefore supposed to mean „HH“, which in turn is the abbreviation for „Heil Hitler“. In Ukraine, such number mysticism is extremely popular nowadays, as for example the British Guardian shows with the example of the number 1488 – 14 is a another code – with the Ukrainian fighter „Anaconda“ („Anaconda alongside a van displaying the neo-Nazi symbol 1488. The volunteer brigade is known for its far-right links.“).

The 88 can also be found in a 2016 Ukraine War piece on Shyrokyne by BILD journalist Julian Röpcke. Here, Röpcke attempted to use his video machination to blame the destruction of the coastal town near Mariupol by the Kiev-Ukrainian Azov-Nazi battalion on restive, predominantly Russian-speaking eastern Ukrainians, whom he insults as „Putin’s henchmen.“

In fact, the Azov Battalion itself posted videos of the attack on Shyrokyne, and in Röpcke’s videos, despite all the caution of the BILD propagandists, the number „88“ and a „Fuck Putin“ written on a house wall can be seen – both legacies of the Nazis of the Azov Battalion, with whom Röpcke is close friends and, according to his own statements, parties in Kiev.

Bayerischer Rundfunk now writes about the tank deliveries:

„The goal is to quickly put together two tank battalions with Leopard 2 tanks together with partners, the government spokesman announced. In the Bundeswehr, a Leopard 2 battalion consists of 44 tanks. Two battalions would thus arithmetically be 88 tanks.

In a ‚first step‘, Germany would provide a company with 14 Leopard-2-A6s from Bundeswehr stocks. Ukrainian soldiers were to be trained quickly on the tanks in Germany. The package would also include ammunition, logistics and maintenance of the systems.

European partners would in turn supply Leopard tanks to Kiev, and Germany would give the go-ahead, the statement added.“

„It’s only mathematical“ will now be whined by some, who probably also whined „It’s only for a week“ during the Corona crisis. No: 88 is a special number, and the government and legislators in particular want it that way.

The fact that the BR article explicitly mentions a „calculation path“ to 88, or rather that it has to be mentioned, gives a deep insight. Of course, they know about the significance of the number. And in the end, those people in Germany who pointed out the „88“ here, have to let themselves be insulted again in the logic of the rulers as „conspiracy theorists“ – and thus quasi as Nazis according to the ruling propaganda narrative – and be laughed at by „pseudo left-wing splendor dorks“, who cheerfully and with open mouths let tanks be delivered to the Eastern front.

Abroad, by the way, one registers very well the use of the number 88 and its meaning. There, crazy pseudo-green and pseudo-left fascists can scream as long as they want in their madness „Make it go away, make it go away“, because they can’t kill these critical voices so easily. Unfortunately, this „torment of the soul“ will make most of them even more hateful and loyal to the line. One is, after all, God.

Mostly translated automatically. German original here.

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