Videos: Police officers maltreat women

A video is already going around the world as the latest ID of the Merkel regime in 2021.

„The video document shows how a young woman, attacked by three Berlin police officers in combat gear on the afternoon of Sunday, May 23 in the open streets, is brutally carried away by them and meanwhile beaten with fist blows. Due to the force of the blow, the body slips away face first and falls to the ground. These are the scenes Merkel wants to see. On Pentecost Saturday 2021, the 33rd Berlin Riot Police, long discredited as a hooligan thug squad, injured a woman by beating her to the ground, hitting her head on the asphalt. Afterwards, like drunken marauders, the policemen stumbled aimlessly around the street. First aid and ambulance for the injured had to be provided by the democracy movement.

This is not the first time that the Corona regime has resorted to life-threatening violence, especially against women: sadly, the documented beatings of a pregnant woman by Berlin police on August 29, 2020, on the Street of June 17, are already world famous. Unforgotten and unforgiven: The water cannons at the Brandenburg Gate when the Enabling Act was passed in November 2020. The regime is in a downward spiral that first broke with every measure of civilization and now seems to know no end.

The co-editor of the weekly Democratic Resistance, Professor Giorgio Agamben, most recently commented that one day ‚this period will appear to us as probably one of the shabbiest in […] history, and those who led and governed the country as irresponsible unscrupulous figures who acted apart from any ethical framework.‘ (Agamben: At What Point Are We?, Verlag Turia und Kant, Vienna 2021)“

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