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Team doctor Inter Milan: Eriksen received Corona vaccination – collapse at European Championship match Denmark vs. Finland

During the European Football Championship match on 12 June 2021 between the Danish and Finnish national teams, Danish player Christian Eriksen collapsed on the pitch shortly before half-time, was „resuscitated“ and taken to hospital. Anyone who suspects here that Eriksen had been „vaccinated“ against Corona shortly beforehand is confirmed by the team doctor of Eriksen’s club Inter Milan, who declared in the calciomercato.com portal belonging to the Italian trade journal La Gazetta Dello Sport as late as 18 May 2021: „Now everyone has been vaccinated“.

Image: Website calciomercato.com of 18 May 2021 with the statement of Eriksen’s team doctor at Inter Milan, Piero Volpi, according to which all Milan players were vaccinated at that time. On the left the original, on the right with the automatic Google page translation in German.

Sport1 describes the drama surrounding Eriksen after he simply collapsed on the pitch during the match without any intervention from an opponent, and the fight by doctors led by Denmark’s team doctor Martin Boesen to save the player’s life as follows:

„‚He was lying on his side, breathing and also had a pulse. But suddenly that changed and we started heart massage,‘ Boesen said after the European Championship match against Finland (0:1) on Saturday night. ‚We managed to bring him back.'“

In the interview with Milan team doctor Volpi by the La Gazetta Dello sports portal, already referred to, the headline reads:

„Inter, doctor Volpi: ‚Few injuries and 5000 cuts, that’s how the Scudetto was born‘. The hardest days in March, now all vaccinated‘.“

For those who think that the news of a Corona „vaccination“ of Christian Eriksen before the European Championship is „fake news“, please complain to La Gazetta Dello Sport. Or first consider whether it is logical that the Italian magazine – roughly equivalent to the German „Kicker“ – faked an interview with Eriksen’s team doctor Volpi on the championship and Corona in mid-May and that Dr. Volpi has no problems with it to this day.

Heart problems are among the known side effects of the Corona „vaccines“.

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