False Flag Afghanistan: the fake Kabul plane

The alleged C-17 transport plane of the US Air Force shown in various media reports is a fake, a military dummy. This is particularly good here in the comparison between, on the one hand, a real aircraft from an ARD report on a landing in Ramstein and, on the other hand, the „Kabul Fake Plane“ from a ZDF report, i.e. from Fake News from „heute“:

Image: Excerpts from the ARD article „Rescue flights from Kabul: First Afghans landed in Ramstein“ and the ZDF article „Investigation launched -Kabul: Death in landing gear of US military plane„, edited/labelled.

More pictures and analyses of this affair also here… And here is a little addendum for all aviation experts, excerpts of the photos/pictures shown before:

And: man in white riding with the plane (the whole way)… There are others, but this one stands out.

(German original here)

Addendum of 24.8.2021: Anyone who wants to argue away the fact that this is a dummy or at least a non-flightworthy something/aircraft must explain why, as can be clearly seen in the following video (I do not adopt the text below the video as my own), a group of people at the very front of the aircraft at the point, or actually behind the point, where the small nose wheels are normally located, ride along as if in a car/vehicle. This is of course not possible. So the whole thing is clearly a fake. There is no need to discuss difficult lighting conditions with the turbines etc.. Just as there is no need to answer the question of „why would they do that?“. The US government may have to answer that, but not the critic.

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