The Chinese Bombshell

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman announces that the U.S. staged the September 11, 2001 attacks.

The event has not yet been echoed in the mainstream Western media, but it is not only in diplomatic circles that this statement by the Chinese government is likely to have hit like a bomb: via Twitter, Lijian Zhao, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announced with the aid of a humorous graphic that the United States carried out the 9/11 attacks itself (1, 2, 3).

The statement of the high-ranking Chinese official from August 16 can be found pinned to the top of his Twitter account. This is also the case at the time of writing – August 22, 2022 – and thus a private whim or the like can also be ruled out, because that would certainly have been „corrected“ quickly. So, however, we have here an official statement for which not the diplomatic parquet but, as is often the case nowadays, the Twitter platform was chosen.

Figure 1: Screenshot of Chinese official Lijian Zhao’s tweet on the US, its wars and 9/11 (2).

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman writes:

„Everyone needs a clear understanding of himself.
So does a nation.“

Below, there is one of those funny „What-I-Think-I-Do diagrams“ that you know from the Internet. It’s about the nation USA, which is called „America“ here, probably in the sense of the US citizens. Seven pictures are supposed to show what other nations think the USA is doing. They are pictures of war and destruction in Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Pakistan, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. „What I think I do“ then shows the U.S. as Superman.

The final image, „What I actually do“ – shows a picture of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the WTC buildings in New York. So a Chinese government official is saying with his show graphic that what the U.S. is actually doing is staging terrorist attacks. Or, in this specific case, the staging of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the USA as a false flag action by the USA.

The Chinese government announces via the social media platform Twitter that the USA staged the 9/11 attacks itself… If that’s not explosive news, I don’t know what is… Apparently governments are no longer intimidated by threats from the USA.

By the way, it is very easy to prove that the 9/11 attacks were staged by looking at the pictures of the two other attack sites – besides New York – Shanksville and Pentagon, Arlington, because in both cases it can be seen directly and with one’s own eyes „even for the biggest idiot“ that no Boeing 757 hit the ground (4, 5).

Figure 2: Official crash site of Flight 93 in the field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, September 11, 2001. The crater seen in close-up on the left can be seen in the lower right photo exactly in the center. Both photos were produced by U.S. authorities and are in the public domain, available from Wikipedia and Wikimedia, for example (6, 7, 8). In the upper right, the „Shanksville plane“ three days before its hijacking, Wikipedia (9).

Figure 3: Official impact site of the Boeing 757-223 at the Pentagon and an American Airlines Boeing 757-223, photos from US Marine Corps, Wikipedia (10, 11).

Figure 4: Official impact site of the Boeing 757-223 at the Pentagon and an American Airlines Boeing 757-223, photos from Wikimedia, Wikipedia (11, 12).

Figure 5: Official impact site of the Boeing 757-223 at the Pentagon immediately after impact, and an American Airlines Boeing 757-223, photos from US Navy, Wikipedia (11, 13).


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