Worldwide War on Humanity

Figure 1: Official impact site of the Boeing 757-223 allegedly hijacked by Islamist terrorists at the Pentagon on 11 September 2001 and a Boeing 757-223 of American Airlines, photos by US Marine Corps, Wikipedia.

The National Emergency in the USA, which was issued due to the „9/11 Al-Qaeda attacks“, has been renewed every year for 20 years by the respective US president. Bush, Obama, Trump and now Biden on 9 September 2021: they all repeatedly extended their emergency powers in a „Notice on the Continuation of the National Emergency with Respect to Certain Terrorist Attacks“.

The „War on Terror“ declared on the grounds of the „attacks of 11 September 2001“ has cost millions of lives outside the West, which do not seem to matter to the leaders and activists of the „Western community of values“.

Figure 2: Official Boeing 757 impact site in Arlington at the Pentagon on 11 September 2001. Photo top left: Immediately after impact, US Navy photo. Photo centre left: Just before the crash with official „square“ impact site in the lower centre of the image, US Marine Corps image, Wikimedia. Photo bottom left: After the collapse, US Air Force image, Wikipedia. Right: Excerpt from a PDF of the German Armed Forces with an article on the „attack on the Pentagon“ on 11 September 2001.

Just one look at the supposed Pentagon impact site in Arlington (see picture 2 above) shows that no large passenger plane (hijacked by „Islamists“) caused a small hole in the wall here, and that without damaging the surrounding windows. In the US Navy photo above left, which shows the situation immediately after the impact, the behaviour of the bystanders actually looks more like an exercise including evacuation than a catastrophic emergency. According to official figures, 125 people have just died here on the ground alone – or are still dying at this point. The photo in the centre left shows the situation later, shortly before the building collapsed, including the official „square“ impact site. The photo below left shows this site later during the clean-up, after the forced collapse of this part of the building (Note also that the ground floor is still there right after the impact…). On the right of the photo is a PDF document from the German Armed Forces on 9/11, in which the military introduces its very own ideas of physics and reality. Text excerpt:

„Shortly after 9:37 a.m., AmericanAirlines Flight 77 flew into the largest office building in the world: the Pentagon. Just across the Potomac River from the nation’s capital, Washington, the crash ended an hour-and-a-quarter flight that had begun at Dulles International Airport near Washington. The destruction wrought by the impact of the 100-tonne Boeing at 460 knots, or 235 metres per second, was devastating. The Pentagon’s interior surface area totals 610,000 square metres. The impact immediately destroyed about four percent of this area, killing 125 people inside the Pentagon and 59 innocent passengers aboard the aircraft. The approximately 18 tonnes of jet fuel on board also caused a rapidly spreading fire. This endangered the 20,000 or so people in the building at the time, as well as the numerous emergency services that arrived on the scene within the next 32 hours. A coincidence saved many lives: The offices of 4,000 staff in the impact zone had already been cleared for renovation work to begin at the Pentagon.“

Figure 3: Official impact site of the Boeing 757-223 at the Pentagon as well as a Boeing 757-223 of American Airlines, photos from Wikimedia, Wikipedia.

Figure 4: Official impact site of the Boeing 757-223 at the Pentagon directly after the „impact“ as well as a Boeing 757-223 of American Airlines, photos from US Navy, Wikipedia.

Figure 5: On the left, a photo of the US Navy, showing the official Boeing impact site immediately after the „attack“. No kidding: On the right, a screenshot with a US Navy photo titled „The first fire teams begin working to put out the flames in the minutes after the attack, 11 September 2001“.

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