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A German scholar at the Swiss University of Lausanne without a PhD formulated key points of the German government’s March 2020 Corona Panic paper.

„An Austrian Mao admirer, a language examiner by profession, became an important advisor to the German government in the Corona crisis. He writes for them a communication of fear. How could it come to this?“ wrote welt.de on Feb. 23, 2021. The man is a lowly employee of the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, taking Goethe language exams at the German Language Department on an externally funded 30% stint. Amazingly, at 52, he is still a doctoral student – i.e., still about to receive his PhD in German studies – and is now one of the German government’s key Corona advisors. According to media reports, he formulated the deliberately alarmist misstatements of the Merkel government’s Interior Ministry paper (Suffocation as primal fear).

The Swiss Aargauer Zeitung also rubbed its eyes in amazement at these connections and ran a lengthy report on the affair. There one learns that the University of Lausanne understandably did not want to believe at first that its simple German studies employee Otto Kölbl was now one of the most important government advisors in medical matters with the large neighboring country. When the German government intervened on Kölbl’s behalf regarding the use of the university’s e-mail address, it was initially believed to be a forgery:

„In view of the intervention from the highest government circles in Berlin in favor of a simple administrative employee with no relevant experience, the university administration became suspicious. Dave Lüthi, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, apparently thought Kerber’s mail was a forgery: ‚We don’t think the news is credible and would like to ask you to confirm it,‘ was his reply. Dean Lüthi pointed out to the State Secretary that Kölbl was employed as an examiner for Goethe German tests.“

The hint from the University of Lausanne had no consequences. It can be assumed with a fair degree of certainty that the background of the man who helped to plunge millions of people in Germany into despair was known to the German government. There, in the desperate search for serviceable scaremongers, they had apparently come across the Germanist, who had privately written a text about Wuhan in China, which, according to the Merkel government, probably justifies expert status and elevates him above hundreds of medical professors, lawyers, doctors, etc:

„Kölbl was appointed by the German Ministry of the Interior (BMI) in mid-March 2020 as an advisor to an internal panel of experts, as the ‚Welt am Sonntag‚ writes. Yet he has no academic training in virology, epidemiology or public health, or expertise in any other pandemic-relevant field.

In addition to Kölbl, who holds a doctorate in German studies, the group also included renowned experts such as the director of the Robert Koch Institute, Lothar Wieler. Within a few days, the expert panel fulfilled the mandate of Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) and his State Secretary Markus Kerber. (…)

Together, they were to draw up a paper that would legitimize further tough measures beyond Easter (…)

The ministry needed a calculation model ‚to get mentally and planning-wise ‚in front of the situation“. This should help in planning ‚further measures of a preventive and repressive nature,‘ State Secretary Kerber wrote in an e-mail.“

Aargauer Zeitung and Welt am Sonntag report that the linguistic formulations on the Merkel government’s shock strategy and deliberate false statements were the work of the Austrian employee of the Swiss university:

„‚In order to achieve the desired shock effect, the concrete effects of a contagion on human society must be made clear.‘ … Many seriously ill people are brought to the hospital by their relatives, but are turned away, and die agonizingly struggling for air at home. Suffocation or not getting enough air is a primal fear for every human being.‘

Kölbl further wrote:

‚Children will easily become infected, even with curfews … If they then infect their parents, and one of them dies in agony at home, and they feel they are to blame because, for example, they forgot to wash their hands after playing, it is the most terrible thing a child can ever experience.'“

That the statements of the „expert paper“ of the federal government are scientific bullshit and also did not correspond to the state of information at that time, is shown by the numerous expert voices that were already heard in March 2020. A video by Professor Dr. Bhakdi with an open letter to the federal government was already at 1.2 million views on Youtube on March 31, 2020 – after just a few days. Shortly thereafter, it was censored and deleted by Youtube. That the purpose of the Interior Ministry’s paper is primarily to spread panic has been communicated repeatedly by those involved, albeit often off the record.

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