Wrong number of participants at Berlin demo: Rubikon publisher takes legal action against fake news

At the pro-fundamental rights demonstration in Berlin on 1 August 2020, hundreds of thousands, perhaps even more than a million people attended. Pictures show this. In the mass media 10000-20000 participants were communicated. A huge media scandal. Jens Wernicke, editor of the Rubikon magazine, now calls in the lawyers on the question of the number of participants.

The letter of the lawyer Viviane Fischer to the police chief of Berlin is available as a PDF file and may be distributed. In addition to the official number of participants, the lawyers are also asking for aerial photographs of the demonstration.

View from the main stage to the back and to the front:

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version) – German original here…

Spendenkonto für die Gerichtsverfahren gegen den Stern/Bertelsmann-Konzern

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