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Lübcke murder and NSU confession

On the website of the Bundestag one can find out that the NSU scandal is state terrorism.

In the first decade of this millennium there was a series of murders of foreigners in Germany, which extended to several federal states. The series of murders was first attributed to foreigners who were despised in this context, and only much later to Nazis – the so-called NSU.

The two allegedly murdering Nazis of the NSU, Uwe Bönhardt and Uwe Mundlos, allegedly committed suicide and burned themselves in a mobile home. The fire expert entrusted with the case, who had sharply criticized the NSU investigations, meanwhile fell victim to the great NSU witness death, which, according to official information, was purely a coincidence (1-8).

What the NSU murder series is really about is actually no secret. The individual pieces of the puzzle can be found in some media and on websites of parliaments. To every alleged NSU crime there are big discrepancies between the alleged course of events and the actual evidence. If you name these contradictions, you don’t become a Nazi.

The Kassel problem

To refute the official theory of the NSU murders, it is enough to show the strong contradictions at a single crime scene. The circumstances surrounding the murder of the Kassel Internet café owner Halit Yozgat clearly show the involvement of state authorities in the murder case: Andreas Temme, the Hessian secret service agent and Nazi liaison officer nicknamed „Little Adolf“, who was present at the time of the murder – according to his own testimony before parliamentary investigative committees – does not want to have heard anything about the murder, which is also called „the Kassel problem“ by the circles of authorities involved (9). The black-green state government of Hesse has locked away files on the case for 120 years (10).

Junge Welt writes about the „Temme case“ (11):

„The higher regional court (OLG) Munich considers according to resolution from 12 July 2016 credible that Andreas Temme, who belonged as a witness at that time in the side room sat, no shots heard – a man, who spends its spare time in the shooter association. It is understandable that the Hessian constitutional protector Temme, who left the café shortly after the assassination, had passed the dying man three times in search of the young owner, without seeing him lying behind a table. It believes it is credible that the 1.90 metre tall V-Mann guide saw neither the blood spatter on the 73 centimetre high table, on which he placed a coin for computer use, nor the Halit Yozgat behind it“.

At the Frankfurter Neue Presse, the article reads „NSU murder series. Constitutional protector Temme: „Nothing seen, nothing heard.“ (12):

„Ex-Constitutional Protector Andreas Temme was in an Internet café in Kassel when its owner fell victim to the NSU murder series. But the man doesn’t want to have seen or heard anything about it. He also assures this in his second interrogation in Wiesbaden. (…) On the contrary, he only learned of the murder on Thursday on Sunday by reading a local newspaper. However, according to witnesses, Temme knew only one day later with which weapon the crime was committed. And that wasn’t in the newspaper, as the SPD deputy Nancy Faeser reproached him.“

The only thing that will help is to close files to create confusion and distraction and perhaps also to make evidence disappear. Telepolis writes about this in the article „Verfassungsschutz will lock NSU report away for 120 years“ (13):

„120 years – for this period the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution (LfV) of Hesse has blocked an internal report, which might also deal with the NSU murder of Kassel and the possible involvement of its employee Andreas Temme. On the one hand, this fuels suspicion: what is to be kept secret for such a long time must be explosive. On the other hand, this absurd blocking period can be understood as a message to the public and to those who want to continue to clarify: ‚From us you will learn nothing more. Give up! It is a blunt breach of a security authority with the principle of legality in the constitutional state of Germany, an expression of the desperate defensive struggle against the ongoing efforts to clear up the NSU murder complex.“

Intelligence man Temme got a quiet job in the Hessian Ministry of the Interior. He was transferred to the Kassel Regional Council. This was headed by Walter Lübcke, who was murdered a few weeks ago. The Frankfurter Rundschau reported (14):

„The then Interior Minister and current Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) is said to have participated at least once in a „CDU Working Group on the Protection of the Constitution“, which the controversial former constitutional protector Andreas Temme also visited at times. (…)

Andreas Temme was temporarily under suspicion until the investigations against him were stopped in January 2007. He did not return to the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, but was transferred to the Kassel Regional Council and „promoted to bailiff“, as the initiative writes. (…)

She lists the inconsistencies associated with Andreas Temme. According to the findings of the NSU Investigation Committee, „there had been no genuine disciplinary proceedings against him under service law“.

Confession in Parliament

The involvement of state authorities in the so-called NSU murders in the „Kassel problem“ alone could suffice to speak of state terrorism here. But it gets even worse. On the website of the Bundestag there is an article on the NSU issue with statements by high-ranking officials before the parliamentary investigative committee, which amount to a confession. But apparently nobody dares to say the obvious out loud. And the CDU/CSU and the SPD provide the federal government. It is bizarre how an ominous alleged reason of state is placed above hard scientific findings.

On the website of the Bundestag it says in the article „NSU committee puzzles about DNA traces“ (15):

„Riddle guesses over DNA traces coined the witness hearing in the 3. investigating committee to the so-called national socialist underground (NSU II) under the direction of Clemens Binninger (CDU/CSU). 15 bank robberies, two bomb attacks and ten murders between 2000 and 2006 are attributed to the terror group. But at none of the 27 crime scenes were DNA traces of Uwe Mundlos and Uwe Böhnhardt secured – the two men who killed themselves in their camper van in Eisenach after a bank robbery.“

No DNA traces of the two alleged murderers. Not at a single crime scene. That is not possible. Unless the two NSU Uwes were not involved in the murders, but the fools who were charged with the deeds committed by other Nazis and „gentlemen“.

DNA traces are always present, so it doesn’t help if the above-mentioned article in the Bundestag talks about gloves and storm hoods. Even if, contrary to expectations, there were no DNA traces of the two alleged perpetrators at a crime scene, then certainly not at all 27 crime scenes.

In the case of the murder of the Kassel district president Walter Lübcke a DNA trace was found again, which is said to have led to the perpetrator Stefan Ernst (16). An alleged individual perpetrator, whose name was also mentioned in the NSU investigative committee.

So let’s keep in mind that state authorities are involved in the NSU murders and protect alleged perpetrators from secret service circles, such as the Kassel problem. At the same time, there are no DNA traces of the alleged NSU perpetrators Uwe Bönhardt and Uwe Mundlos at the crime scenes. Almost everyone would conclude that this is a series of murders by certain circles in government offices. If the DNA statement before the parliament is wrong, this does not change much about this conclusion. One would then have to ask oneself why this was a false statement. Even if the two Uwes were to participate, the state’s participation and support could not be denied.

The Lübcke-Murder

Unfortunately, the NSU theme of 2019 has received another facet.

Walter Lübcke (CDU) was a member of the Hessian state parliament and president of the Kassel regional council. He was killed in his house on 2 June 2019. Apparently there are no recordings of surveillance cameras. There is no corresponding information in the media. Surprisingly, Stephan Ernst, who was initially presented as an individual perpetrator, was then on the road with two cars in the night of the murder (17) …

Lübcke had already reached the age limit for his retirement in March, but had applied for an extension of his term of office as president of the government until September (18).

The Lübcke murder has a connection to the NSU murder series, as Janine Wissler, member of the Hessian state parliament for Die Linke, explained in an interview on ZDF television (19):

„I think one has to ask the question in particular: Is that really a single perpetrator, because we already know that we also have very networked neo-Nazi structures? Especially in Northern Hesse, that was an important topic in this committee of inquiry. Well, and we had just noticed the aforementioned Stephan E.. We had explicitly asked about him in 2015. We asked the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution about him. And asked the authorities what they knew about this man. And unfortunately we didn’t get an answer.“

On the Tagesschau website you can find the article „Razzia nach Lübcke-Mord. Alleged helper known as neo-Nazi“ is also a reference to a connection between the alledged Lübcke murderer Stephan Ernst and the NSU murder series (20):

„Markus H., who is said to have arranged weapons for Stephan E., had already been questioned in 2006 in connection with the murder of Halit Yozgat in Kassel. As it turned out later, Yozgat had been murdered by the NSU.“

In Junge Welt the political scientist Hajo Funke speaks of an obstruction of the investigation of the Lübcke murder case by the Hessian state government – CDU and Greens – and in particular Volker Bouffier, as was also the case with the murder of Yozgat (21):

„Junge Welt: Last week Hesse’s Prime Minister Volker Bouffier promised „unreserved clarification“ after neo-Nazi Stephan Ernst had been arrested as the main suspect in the murder of Kassel’s District President Walter Lübcke. Does this statement by Bouffier appear credible from your point of view?

Funke: Complete clarification would mean making all the necessary files from Hessen available to the Federal Attorney General. However, we have been experiencing for days that this is not happening. The Hessian State Office for the Protection of the Constitution has only agreed to forward the file of Stephan Ernst himself. But the files of the follow-up investigation of the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution into the NSU are still to be kept under lock and key for 120 years. Even the Office of the Attorney General of the Federal Republic of Germany has not yet received them. Bouffier would have to resign if he continues to obstruct the enlightenment, as in the case of the NSU murder of Halit Yozgat in 2006.“

So let’s keep in mind: According to the evidence, the NSU murder series is state terrorism, the murder of the Kassel district president Walter Lübcke has NSU connections, inconsistencies and cover-ups as well as resistance against reconnaissance efforts.

Normally it is always so nicely called „We investigate in all directions“, but here nobody wants to follow obvious traces. One direction could be that Lübcke wanted to testify to the NSU complex shortly before or after his retirement, or perhaps he found out things. But that is only one speculation of many. However, the facts on the NSU topic are frightening enough even without Lübcke’s murder and speculations about it.


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