The Corona-Healed Corona Dead

German government’s Robert Koch Institute counts cured Corona patients as Corona deaths.

In the official registration of the number of Corona deaths by the RKI (Robert Koch Institut), people who were healed from Corona and then died „quite normally“ some time later are also counted as Corona victims. This was not known until now and only became public by chance through the official Corona reports of the city of Krefeld.

In the reports of the City of Krefeld on the corona crisis of Monday, 6 July 2020, it says under the heading „27 Krefelder aktuell mit Corona infiziert“ (1, translated):

„Although there are no new deaths in connection with Covid-19 according to the municipal health department, the number of deaths must be increased by one case to 23 in order to bring the statistics in line with those of the Robert Koch Institute. The reason for this is that people who tested positive for the coronavirus once and later die are always included in these statistics. In the present Krefeld death case, the person (middle-aged and with multiple previous diseases) was considered to have recovered for a long time after multiple negative test results were obtained.“

Thus, for the RKI – and thus the Federal Government – not only people who died with or on Corona are counted among the Corona  deaths, but also people who died without Corona. According to this logic, anyone who has had measles, herpes or diarrhoea once in their life is a measles, herpes or diarrhoea dead when she or he dies.

For months, experts have also been pointing out that almost all „Corona deaths“ have not died of Corona, but of other diseases, but „with Corona“. The pathologist Professor Dr. Püschel was one of the first to perform extensive autopsies of „Corona deaths“ (2):

„And Püschel has already gained first insights: For example, not a single person in Hamburg who was not previously ill has died of the virus. All those we have examined so far had cancer, chronic lung disease, were heavy smokers or severely obese, suffered from diabetes or had cardiovascular disease. So the virus was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. ‚We just had – nobody knows this yet – the first 100-year-old woman who died of Covid-19.‘ Was that the last straw? ‚The very last,‘ says Püschel.“

Under certain circumstances wrong treatment methods can also be responsible for a part of the „Corona Dead“ (3, 4).


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(Translated partly with Deepl)

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