The number of participants of the Corona-Constitution-Demonstration in Berlin

The number of visitors to the demonstration for constitution and basic rights and against the unconstitutional Corona lockdown and other measures – „The end of the pandemic – Freedom Day“ – on August 1, 2020 in Berlin has been „corrected downwards“ by the media to 10000-20000. In fact everyone knows that this is a lie. Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators came, probably more than a million people (at the latest now also the policemen know that they are being fooled by politics) and this can easily be proved with pictures.

The Tagesschau reacted „professionally“ and cut a picture, on which you could see that there were not 20000 but many more people on the streets (and which first adorned the Tagesschau article), in such a way that you could not recognize the crowds any more. You can see a picture below. Here is an excerpt from the newsletter of the Democratic Resistance about the number of visitors:

„Members of our DW editorial staff estimate the number of people attending today’s Freedom Day

– Anselm Lenz and Hendrik Sodenkamp: Very cautious estimate, there were at least 350,000 people at the main rally. The two of them walked with Captain Future in the car and distributed newspapers all day long with fellow campaigners (another 14,500 copies of the current issue alone). From the stage of the main rally, they estimated only those that were clearly visible from their shortened viewpoint on the Straße des 17. Juni: 10 medium-sized stadiums with 35,000 people each certainly, 5 in each direction of the road to the Brandenburg Gate on the one hand and the Victory Column on the other.

– Anne Höhne: Was at different places and let the train pass by. She estimates 1.3 to 1.8 million participants in the parade.

– Torsten Wetzel: Has ridden the entire train from back to front by bicycle and estimates „six times Love Parade“, which means 3 to 5 million participants in today’s demonstration.

The number of the dictatorship, on the other hand, is determined centrally: 20,000 is said to be the number of participants in the synchronized propaganda media Tagesspiegel, Tageschau and so on and so forth.

– All police officers know that 20,000 is a ridiculous lie.

– All participants know that the number is a lie.

– All those who spent even a few minutes in the centre of Berlin on 1 August 2020 know that 20,000 is a downright deliberate lie.

Everyone knows it or will know it.“

Image: On the right the first picture at tagesschau.de about the demonstration, on the left the „corrected“ version, which should „clarify“ 20000 visitors. The first version can still be accessed via the web archive.

And here two pictures from the central event of the demonstration. The two pictures don’t show the same detail, but the view from the front and the back of the main stage. To both are crowds of people, hundreds of thousands. The estimates with over a million people should not be exaggerated, on the contrary. The pictures are screenshots of the livestream „01.08.2020 Berlin – Tag der Freiheit Live – 1.3 million people UNBELIEVABLE„, which is still available. The shown excerpts can be seen from about here.

Picture: Front and back of the demo as seen from the main stage.

The media reports about 20000 visitors (at first only 10000)…

A video of the events in Berlin today by Rubikon magazine:

RUBIKON: LIVE: „Does the media lie?“ (Sebastian Dorn and Jens Lehrich)

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Translated partly with www.DeepL.com/Translator. German original here…

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