Attempted attack on Ken Jebsen and bomb attack against demo

Attempted attack on Ken Jebsen – daily dose 9.6.2020 – A commentary by Dirk Pohlmann.

„At least the firecracker didn’t explode. That was a great luck for Ken Jebsen and the sound engineer Jürgen Heyl who was on stage. (…) A Polish firecracker of this size can tear off limbs – or cause even worse damage. The effect of big firecrackers, which usually contain special explosive mixtures with metal dust, i.e. no simple black powder, can be observed in numerous videos on YouTube. They tear holes in the ground, tear up the rear of the vehicle in a closed suitcase, create buried earth fountains and shake the earth around the explosion. The Polish firecracker that was thrown at Ken Jebsen is one of the biggest ever. One must therefore assume that the aim of the attack was not a loud bang, but at least the mutilation of Ken Jebsen. (…)

We were able to reconstruct the course of the attempted attack from various video recordings of alternative media. The facts are clear. It also fits in with two other acts of violence that took place a week later, namely the attack by masked people on three demonstrators with intent to kill, as the police discovered, and the bombing and arson attack on three of the organizers‘ technical trucks, which burned out completely. The role of the so-called quality media in these incidents is irritating. Almost all of them report apparently reluctantly, some trivialize the acts of violence, many media have not reported the events at all. (…)

It was possible for me to speak by telephone from Berlin without any problems to witnesses who spoke of hooded persons tampering with the truck, of explosions and a shock wave they had felt. The metal frames of the trucks had been melted, a local resident even claims to have noticed a burning fuse. There is not a single report, again for the record, not a SINGLE report in the so-called quality media about the attempted attack on Ken Jebsen. Instead, however, there is a tsunami of supposedly enlightening articles about Ken Jebsen, in which he is described as a dangerous demagogue, conspiracy mystic and anti-Semite. Over and over again, unchecked, foaming at the mouth. He is untruthfully associated with the attack on a ZDF team in Berlin. Spiegel TV reports about his place of residence, mentioning his Iranian name and with house number and bell sign in the picture. One could get the impression that actions such as the attempted attack are accepted with approval.“

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