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Corona crisis: Attorney Beate Bahner put in psychiatric ward

Beate Bahner, a specialist medical lawyer from Heidelberg who had filed a complaint against the state of Baden-Württemberg and a constitutional complaint with the Federal Constitutional Court, was sent to psychiatric ward against her will on Easter Sunday. The reason given by the police was that she had „made a confused impression“. Beate Bahner was able to speak in the meantime. Her head was slammed from one meter onto the stone floor. She was refused an attorney. She’s still in psyciatric ward, against her will.

Already on Saturday, the Swiss physician and critic of the Corona measures, Dr. Binder, was arrested by a special task force and sent to a psychiatric clinic against his will. He was still able to send a call for help via Facebook and Twitter.

The Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung from Heidelberg, Germany, writes about Bahners committal, which reminds of the case of Mollath, in the article „After call for Corona demo – Heidelberg lawyer in psychiatric institution (update). Federal Constitutional Court had previously dismissed complaint against Corona regulation„:

„The Heidelberg lawyer Beate Bahner, who is suing against the Corona Ordinances, was taken to a psychiatric institution on Sunday evening. ‚She made a very confused impression‘, a police spokesperson explained the action to the RNZ. Earlier, the Federal Constitutional Court had dismissed Bahner’s emergency appeal.“

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