Italy to surrect centralized camps to concentrate positively tested children

In the Italian region of Sardinia, test-positive children are to be taken away from their parents and concentrated in two Corona camps. The Sardinian regional administration has published a corresponding tender on January 7, 2020 to find suitable buildings. So whoever has suitable camp structures to rent can earn good money here.

Image: Left screenshot of the camp announcement on the website of the Region of Sardinia, right German translation in the Telegram channel of the lawyer Markus Haintz.

All minors who are not ill but are classified as corona patients with the help of a positive PCR test are to be sent to the camps. Even Olfert Landt, a manufacturer of the PCR test closely associated with Christian Drosten, assumes that this test gives false-positive results at least in half of the cases. Several scientists keep saying that the test is not suitable for detecting disease and infection. The only „crime“ of the children is that they are minors and therefore have a right to protection, but this is turned into the opposite by the state. They do not even have Corona, have been tested only with a „garbage test“….

Of course, even with a disease, you can’t just lock children up in camps.

It won’t be nice if the parents get their children back after such 2-3 weeks of camp detention in the hands of Corona psychopaths and other Nazis – and of course bullied by 16-17 year old offspring psychopaths who are active as Kapo. For the children this will certainly not be nice either, not to say a perverted hell trip – but nobody asks them.

Why again and again these attacks on children, although they do not get sick or spread the virus? Because it’s obviously in the script, that’s the least insane reason imaginable – but even that’s totally nuts. Torturing children is an excellent way to terrorize, divide and subdue a society. And while parents may hope that their child will at least not be raped in detention, pseudo-leftist types/fascists à la #ZeroCovid scream at every critic (and not supporter!) of camps and co. as „Nazi“ and „Corona denier“.

In Germany, too, quite a few federal states are currently setting up camps, for example Baden-Württemberg and Saxony. There is no talk of special children’s camps yet.

Partly ranslated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version). Original German version:  http://blauerbote.com/2021/01/19/italien-errichtet-zentrale-lager-zur-konzentration-positiv-getesteter-kinder/ There you’ll find all the links!

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