ISIS fighters moving from Mosul to Syria

CBC News (Canada), July 30, 2016: “ISIS leaders are fleeing Mosul for Syria, Iraqi defence minister says. U.S.-backed forces aim to retake ISIS-held city as financial woes, internal conflict plagues militant group”.

DailyMail (UK), October 14, 2016: “ISIS fighters ‘will be allowed to flee Mosul and retreat to Syria under agreement made with the US’ claims Russia“.

IraqiNews (Iraq), October 12, 2016: “US-Saudi agreement to allow ISIS retreat from Mosul“.

Moon of Alabama (USA), October 12, 2016: “The “Salafist Principality” – ISIS Paid Off To Leave Mosul, Take Deir Ezzor?“.

Military Times / AP (USA), October 14, 2016: “U.S.-led coalition steps up airstrikes on militant-held Mosul“. / Reuters (Iraq, UK), July 31, 2016: “Many ISIS leaders in Iraq’s Mosul fleeing to Syria“.

Tagesanzeiger (Switzerland), October 9, 2016: “Der IS setzt sich nach Syrien ab […] Zudem beobachten westliche Geheimdienste, dass sich Kader und Kämpfer der Gruppe zunehmend Richtung Syrien absetzen.”.

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