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German Scientists: MH370 crash probably in the eastern equatorial Indian Ocean

German scientists of the Geomar Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel are investigating the crash of the malaysian flight MH370. Based on the the debris of MH370 found at the island of La Réunion and on the ocean current in the Indian Ocean they concluded that the crash happened probably in the eastern equatorial Indian Ocean („östlicher äquatorialer Indischer Ozean“). That’ll probably completly change the theories concerning the crash of the malaysian airplane because the former search area near Australia is not logic any more.

The ocean research centre will have a press conference on Tuesday (2015/09/01) where they want to provide more information. Some sources in german media („eastern equatorial Indian Ocean“) for the new findings: n-tv, Spiegel Online, Focus, NDR, PS.

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