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Swedish government: No Russian submarines in our waters

Sverigesradio (Radio Sweden) reported on June 11th 2016 that there were no russian subs at swedish coasts at the submarine incidents in the last years, according to the swedish government. In an interview, swedish Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist said that the swedish military had unknown signals from submarines in 2014 and 2015 but the first one (in 2014) was a swedish sub, the second one (in 2015) german. In April 2015, the swedish military announced that a photo from 2014 which was assumed to show a submarine (from russia according to most western media) is false and shows a normal civilian surface boat. With the new informations from the swedish government there are no more hints at russian vessels – submarines – violating swedish waters, „visiting“ swedish capital city Stockholm.

Swedish Defence Minister Peter Hultqvist said he knew in 2015 that the signals were not russian but the government decided to keep that secret until now (June 2016). Germany says there was no german „undercover sub“ at swedish coasts in 2015 and that the announcements of the swedish government were false. In the last two years, Sweden made steps to cooperate closer with the NATO. Mostly because of the russian submarine danger which has also been a very big deal in other european countries and their media. Sweden joined the NATO BALTOPS excercise in June 2016: U.S. Navy: „Ships left the ports of Tallinn, Estonia; Muuga, Estonia; and Berga Naval Base near Stockholm, Sweden, and are currently operating in the Baltic Sea.“. BALTOPS took place in baltic countries including sweden.

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