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Interessanter Artikel bei LA Progressive zu Aktivitäten der USA und anderer in Syrien

Gareth Porter am 5. Januar 2015: „Did Pentagon Stymie Obama on Regime Change?„. Inklusive Waffenlieferungen der CIA nach Syrien bereits 2011, interner Meinungsverschiedenenheiten bei US-Regierung und US-Behörden zu forcierten Regimewechseln durch die USA, IS und Al Qaida, Libyen, Saudi-Arabien, Katar etc.. Zitat:

„By then the administration was already embarked on yet another regime change policy in Syria. Although Clinton led the public advocacy of the policy, then CIA director David Petraeus, who had taken over the agency in early September 2011, was a major ally. He immediately began working on a major covert operation to arm rebel forces in Syria. The CIA operation used ostensibly independent companies in Libya to ship arms from Libyan government warehouses to Syria and southern Turkey. These were then distributed in consultation with the United States through networks run by Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The plan went into operation within days of Gaddafi’s death on October 20, 2011 just before NATO officially ended its operation at the end of that month, as the DIA later reported to the JCS.

But the result of the operation was to accelerate the dominance of al-Qaeda and their Islamist allies. The Turks, Qataris and Saudis were funnelling arms to al-Qaeda’s Syrian franchise, al-Nusra Front or other closely related extremist groups. That should not have surprised the Obama administration. The same thing had happened in Libya in spring 2011 after the Obama administration had […]“

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