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The Killer Game

In a computer game of ARD and ZDF (german TV) you have to kill little children because of Corona.

from Jens Bernert

The attacks on individual population groups due to the Corona crisis reach a new level. Public television stations are calling for the virtual murder of children, party people and other alleged virus-slingers via a video game.

The attacks on individual population groups in the context of the corona crisis are taking on incomprehensible proportions. Arbitrary measures increase the pressure on the population. Contrary to all scientific evidence – not to mention normal human legal and moral concepts – the weakest members of society, children, are chosen as objects of hatred and abused (1, 2).

This propaganda is getting more and more perverse and harsh. In a computer game of ARD and ZDF, which can be found in the internet under, you now have to beat little children to death (3). Unfortunately this is no joke. That gives a whopping 150 points per child.

The two public television stations call on the Internet via their online portal „Funk“ and via „satire“ to murder children, „somehow because of Corona or something“. It is not even said that one should kill children who „have Corona“, but it is generally about killing children, because they are allegedly highly infectious, which is a downright lie by the way.

A commentator under the article „Infektionsschutzmaßnahmen stehen über dem Kindeswohl“ by Bernhard Loyen points to these statements of the public media, which until recently were unimaginable in Germany, and is rightly outraged (4):

„I just found something perverse on the youth online portal ‚Funk‘ of ARD and ZDF – IMPOSSIBLY!

‚The player gets 150 points per crushed child‘.

Fight your way through an army of morons and virus-slingers (‚joggers, preppers, party people‘ and – please note – highly infectious little kids‘)! Kick their asses!‘ is the slogan in the game’s promotional video.

For this, dear parents, you have to pay dues.“

Here is the advertising video for the video game „Corona World: Das Game zur Krise“ by browser ballet, which, in contrast to many videos critical of Corona measures, was not blocked by YouTube (5):

Children need the protection of society, but are among those who suffer most from the so-called corona measures (6 to 10). And quite apart from this unbelievable hate propaganda against minors, it remains to be seen The thing about the virus-slingers is „naturally“ also a lie and does not correspond with the voices of the experts on the corona crisis (11, 12).

In the article „But fewer viruses in children’s throats: Swiss statistician criticizes the virologist Christian Drosten“ of the Tagblatt from Switzerland it says (11):

„Children under the age of 10 are not as big virus-slingers as adults – that is the corrected balance of the Swiss organic statistician Leonhard Held. German virologist Christian Drosten is thus coming under even more criticism. (…) Leonhard Held concludes in his commentary (13) that there are certainly indications of an increasing viral load with increasing age. Or to put it the other way round: ‚The younger the children are, the fewer viruses are in their noses.'“

Children are therefore less virus-slingers than adults with regard to the corona virus. And even if they were highly infectious, they do not deserve such treatment.

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